In House Toolroom
We have an In house Toolroom for Die Development and Maintenance Purpose.
Rotary Degassing Machine
The degassing of aluminum is based on the principle that dissolved hydrogen gas will move from an area of high concentration (in the melt) to an area of low concentration (in the inert gas).Our Rotary Degassing machine helps us remove dissolved Hydrogen and provide Clean metal for casting.
Sand Core Manufacturing
We have in house Sand Core Shops. The process is well controlled by Auto temperature monitoring by system installed in the Die.
Aluminium Welding
We do Aluminium Welding of our Clamps and Connector products.
Our Foundry

Gravity Die Casting Machines

All Gravity Diecasting Machines are Hydraulically Operated.
Vertical Band Saw Machine
Excess Runners and Risers are cut on Band Saws. Proper Nesting type fixtures are made to avoid problems like excess cutting , dents and promote operator safety.
Aluminium Heat Treatment
We have in house heatreatment plant- the solutionizing & ageing cycles are automated thereby eliminating operator skill dependence and ensuring consistency.

We also have in house testing lab with hardness tester for measuring results as specified in the honda standard.
Spray Painting
Our Spray Paint shop is Covered from all sides to minimize dust contact . Parts are painted and inspected as per international standards.